Our Legislators would not pass this Amendment, because it would infringe on their incumbency. It is important to keep in mind that anything done by legislation in any state or in Washington, D.C. can be undone by legislation.

NO MORE GERRYMANDERING. An independent body is to draw legislative districts for election to the House of Representatives. The Voters are to select their Representatives, not the REPRESENTATIVES selecting their constituents.

NO MORE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. One citizen, one vote. The President will be elected directly by the popular vote.

NO MORE TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY BY THE SIMPLE MAJORITY. Lifetime appointments command a vote of sixty or more Senators.

NO MORE HIDDEN INFORMATION. Upon securing a spot on the ballot in the general election a candidate for House of Representatives, Senate, and the Presidency of the United States will within ten days release his/hers federal income tax fillings for the previous five years.

PHOTO ID REQUIRED TO VOTE. This will shut up the noisy "stolen elections" crowd.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, NO MORE BUYING ELECTIONS. Extensive Campaign Finance Reform. Lobbyists who show up at our LEGISLATORS' office must have their pockets turned inside out. go to proposed Campaign Finance Section

Don't give me the bogus argument that the Constitution is chiseled in stone - everybody and their uncles are ready and willing to interpret, misinterpret, or reinterpret the Constitution if their ox is being gored.

Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Monroe, and others modified The Articles of Confederation, argued aggressively over the wording Constitution itself, and added the first ten amendments - The Bill of Rights. Moreover, since 1789, we have amended the Constitution seventeen times. Our Founding Fathers were not seers, but intelligent and dedicated individuals doing the best they could.

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