Two hundred forty years ago Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Monroe and others, built a magnificent house - a solid foundation, three master suits, laundry room in the bedroom wing, family room on other side of house, island in the kitchen, patio facing south, etc. But, time has taken its toll on the roof and the vent roof jacks have cracks, the sheets metal in the valleys has lifted with the wind, moss has grown under the shakes, and the shingles have lost their granules and are torn. In short, the roof leaks in several places - gun violence, health care, wage/wealth disparity, mental health, immigration, elderly care, homelessness, poverty, and more.

Nails, wet patch, and caulking are all temporary solutions, as are raising the gun buying age, modifying the appearance of semi-automatic long guns, banning bump stocks, modestly expanding the data base, reducing magazine size to fifteen or even ten. All are half-of-loaf solutions. (Migratory bird hunters must have a plug in their shotguns that will allow only three shells. We think more of our migratory fowl than we do of our first graders, our teenagers, our college students, our night clubbers, our country music lovers, and our church goers.)

The roof needs to be replaced, hence the 28th Amendment to the Constitution. It will allow and encourage our elected representatives to make decisions that put our country first, their constituents second, and never their trib above either.

You and your classmates throughout the country have more political power than any group in the nation. Your generation could set a pattern for fifty or sixty years of honest, conscientious, and responsive governing. Don't listen to those who say that the energy and determination will pass.

My name is Jim Hamm, and even at 82, I am encouraged. Broaden your scope and never give up.

Please take the time to forward this letter to anyone who will listen to this message.

Campaign Finance Reform:



All too frequently the last Monday in May with its barbecues, baseball games and mini-vacations masks the meaning of the Day. And, all too frequently the remembrances are gender based. The sacrifices made in the last 240+ years for our great nation and freedom everywhere can never be understated and the individuals can never be under-revered. This year let us take a look at our heroines . Google Ruby Bradley or Aleda Lutz or Nancy Wake or Krystyna Skarbek or Lyudmila Pavlichenko or Princess Noor Inayat Kahn. Or, you could go back to my favorite, Sophie Scholl.