"More Than Just Musing" #5


The slogan coined by the groups in the war against terrorism has been modified by Madeleine Albright on "Morning Joe." She added "Do something."

Just what can you do? Research some of the problems and think about possible solutions. Think about how many other problems can be solved with the same solution. Attend local discussion groups. Voice your concerns, evaluate the thoughts of others, suggest modifications and solutions, talk about the issues with family and friends and not-so-close friends. Email your representatives. Write letters to the editor, to the pundits, to reporters who write related stories, to people who make the news, to civics teachers, to student activists who hit the news, to organizations for and against your position (Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, NRA, etc.) to local civic organizations, etc. Attend rallies and marches, (They might just be fun. At the San Jose March For Our Lives, we were serenaded by a choral group. They were great.) Make a sign, bring some handouts. JUST DO SOMETHING.

Support the 28th Amendment. THEYCANTWECAN.COM

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