"More Than Just Musing" #4


I have a different take on the answer to our problems of gun safety, immigration, healthcare, mental health, income inequality, poverty, along with a multitude of other issues. The solution is to create an atmosphere in Washington where our representatives owe their allegiance to our country first, the will of their constituents second, and never to their incumbency or their tribe. We can right our democracy by fighting individual battles while people suffer and, as we have seen, die while waiting for change, or we can address the one problem - a stagnant, self-concerned, weak, non-deliberative Congress made so by money, archaic rules, lack of transparency and more money.

Support the 28th Amendment.

Contact: Jim Hamm at... 1776 yourunclesam@gmail.com

Contact your Representative-- House.gov-- Senate.Gov ......Proposed 28 Ademendent


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