"More Than Just Musing" #7


The true balance of power really depends on a Congress being a deliberative body that responds to reason not campaign contributions, that respects "regular order" not tribal demands, and that places its country first, its constituents second, and its tribe never. There was a time when we could suffer a President's erratic behavior because Congress would right the ship, and when an off-the-rails Congress could be set right with a Presidential veto. As last resort, we always had a Supreme Court to pull us out of the fire. What happened?

Greed, permitted and encouraged by tribalism, has destroyed Congress's deliberative process, thereby, removing one of the checks.

The nuclear option when appointing judges for life has obliterate another and tribalized the Supreme Court. (Who besides five Supreme Court Justices thinks that corporations are citizens? Corporations, of course.)

The Presidential veto is all that remains. However, a non-deliberative Congress racked with tribalism does not have the confidence or courage to put a bill on the President's desk and to override a veto. Bills without the "regular order" never solve a problem without creating problems. (The recent tax bill widened the wage/wealth gap, busted the budget, added to a trillion to the national debt, and drained the pot that would pay for much needed infrastructure that generates good-paying jobs.)

Large tax breaks for corporations increases dividends for stockholders and inspires stock buybacks that increases the value of the stock, thereby widening the wage/wealth gap. The wealthy will survive and may even thrive in the downturns to come. The middle class will be burdened for generations. May God help the minimum-wage poor, the sick, the mentally ill, and the elderly.

Where is the "balance" in the checks and balances designed by our Founding Fathers? It is in the 28th Amendment to the Constitution.

Support the 28th Amendment.

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