"More Than Just Musing" #3


It's the money. When intelligent, conscientious, and empathetic individuals, who respect democratic principles, believe in the separation of powers, and support our extensive and spirited freedoms, survive the primary wars, they then must stand up to the insults and assaults in the general election to win a seat in Congress. Upon their arrival at a state house or Capitol Hill, they are greeted by their Democrat or Republican tribes. After being assigned a time at a telephone bank to raise money and being placed in situations where their voices and ideas are filtered and limited by the tribal leaders, they are greeted by lobbyists who graciously isolate them socially, financially, and politically from their causes. Occasionally a veiled threat of primary challenge is slipped in. The newly elected members can now go about establishing their principles and representing their constituents. Fat chance, see Jeff Flake and Russ Feingold.

Remember, the lobbyists control the agenda and the funding priorities. In my lifetime only twice, during the Viet Nam War and March For Our Lives, have they lost control.

Support the 28th Amendment.

Contact: Jim Hamm at... 1776 yourunclesam@gmail.com

Contact your Representative-- House.gov-- Senate.Gov ......Proposed 28 Ademendent


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