" "More Than Just Musing" #25


"We have met the enemy and he is us," Pogo.

Occasionally people come along who have been so financially and socially accommodated in their lives that they lack amiability, empathy, experience, honesty, and respect for people, institutions, and faiths. On rarer occasions such a person with the skills of a P. T. Barnum, and the morals of a tomcat arrives on the scene to meet an electorate that's disgusted, cynical, tired, and lack the time to look under the hood. As a result, three years ago we, collectively, sought retaliation for decades of economic and political abuse. Tragically we got a questionable I Q, historically ignorant, morally corrupt, pathological lying, conscienceless, vengeful Ogre who is dragging the "grand experiment," 240+ years of righteous trial/error and compromise toward the abyss. To paraphrase Ben Franklin: We have a Republic if we can keep it.

We can no longer blame the "Ogre." His words, his actions, his appointments, his firings, his ineffectiveness (94% of his edicts, decrees, executive orders languish in the courts.) are proudly presented for all to see.

We can no longer blame tribalism and sub-tribalism because we don't hold our representative's feet to the fire. We know that 27 members The Freedom Caucus, (Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, et al.) paralyzed the Republican majority and Congress until Democrats gained a majority in the House last November. We now know that nearly three hundred democratically passed House bills are sitting on Republican tribal leader Mitch McConnell's desk without so much as a hearing, much less a vote on the Senate floor. Add to that, fifty-one Republican Senators could not admit while staring at a mountain of evidence that Trump held back funding in an effort to get a foreign state to influence the next presidential election in his favor. And add to that, many of them cried that that Trump's act was not an impeachable offense, despite having knowledge and participation in the Nixon fiasco and Clinton's sexual escapes.

We can no longer allow, as we have for 200 plus years, the representative to select their constituents with gerrymandering. Citizen choose representatives. Representatives don't choose constituents.

We can no longer allow voter suppression by politicians who support the practice by hiding behind unsubstantiated voter fraud.

We can no longer allow the popular vote to be ignored while an outdated and unbalanced political device selects our President. In the last election the votes of 2,864,974 citizens counted for nothing (Hillary 65,844,610, Trump 62,979,636) by the Electoral College. It took us until 1912, to realize that our Senators needed to be elected by popular vote instead of a political coterie.

If we don't get control of our government, we move closer to the abyss and who knows what is at the bottom of the chasm - anarchy? a dictatorship? probably not a rebirth of our Founding Fathers' dream?

The 28th Amendment to the Constitution is a good place to start.


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