" "More Than Just Musing" #20


Pure liberalism easily evolves into a dependency that dulls fiscal and civic responsibility; the government then creeps in to own or controls everything under the pretense of protecting and providing for the people. And, pure capitalism is incompatible with democracy; it accumulates and concentrates wealth with the sole purpose of permiting and encouraging the accumulation and concentration of more wealth, thereby sanctioning the further accumulation and concentration of even more wealth, all to the detriment of democratic principles.

Socialism destroys individual initiative. Really? Do individuals -- whose aspirations direct them into education, the trades, first responders, health care, civil service, public works, transportation, and jobs in the business sector -- lack initiative? Financial enrichment is not the litmus test for "initiative"? These noble and necessary occupations, simply do not provide the tools to accumulate great wealth. True, these citizens deservedly claim most of the social benefits - emergency services, social security, retirement, medicare, and other services and safety nets simply -- because there are more of them. However, the wealthy and ultra-wealthy draw heavily upon the services provided by the government - police, fire, road and airports, infrastructure, utilities and grids, all fundamental to their business operations. And, most of them cash their monthly "non-means tested" social security retirement checks.

Capitalism promotes individual enterprise. Socialism protects the general welfare by advocating for safety nets, leveling the playing field, and amplifying the voice of the citizens. Capitalism generates a financial pool from which the citizenry without "initiative" draw the funding directly and indirectly for jobs, housing, education, business investment, etc. Socialism through taxes and fees shares the bounty of capitalism without quashing individual liberties. Liberalism in moderation (socialism) frees and protects the general populace. Rampant conservatism sees the general populace as consumers misinformed about the purpose of social contracts.

We need the socio/capitalism that this two hundred forty-year democratic experiment has produced; but, more importantly, it is imperative that we protect what we have, adjust to the inevitably changing world, and correct the shortcomings when we find them. And, we must do it in a civil, non-violent, respectful manner through the three equal branches of government. The "Preamble to the Constitution" clearly states that the purpose of the Constitution is "to form a more perfect union."

Explain this. For 2017, according to Forbes and published by Fox Business News, the incomes for the top three hedge fund managers:

James Simons Renaissance Technologies $1.8 billion plus perks

David Tepper Appaloosa Management $1.5 billion plus perks

Ray Dalio Bridgewater Associates $800 million plus perks

The 28th Amendment to the Constitution is a good place to start.

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