" "More Than Just Musing" #24


"The World's Most Deliberative Body" (Really?)

The United States Senate, "the world's most deliberative body," is being challenged by the four C's - CHARACTER, CONSCIENCE, COURAGE, and COUNTRY (credit Mike Barnacle). The whole world is watching a democracy in action, a democracy in the lime light, a democracy in its nakedness, and maybe even a democracy in peril.

Senators, normally seen in well-cut suits with silk accessories or with their sleeves rolled up holding a shovel or caramelized apple, are now seen as sitting idly by or bumbling through an on-camera hallway interview while their spokes persons present conflicting positions designed to create doubt and/or build off-ramps to ensure their re-elections.

CHARACTER may be defined as "inner nature", "true being", "essential nature", "vital principle", "spirit", "soul", "heart" - all immeasurable except by a subjective interpretation of actions or inactions, as demonstrated by the good Samaritan vs Bystander Effect (Genovese Syndrome), the empathy to provide care and comfort for the less fortunate and less capable, and the opposition to actions that hinder or suppress the sharing of the rewards of this "grand experiment."

CONSCIENCE may be the result of CHARACTER and "facts" wrestling and personalizing for the purpose of generating a "clear and honest point of view."

COURAGE is the selfless process of projecting and defending that "honest point of view" as well as modifying and redefending without ego, the new "honest point of view," as new facts and circumstances present themselves. (The third "C" could also be Cowardice if the selfless process does not occur or is buried.)

COUNTRY involves knowledge of our history, understanding of the democratic process, empathy for our fellow citizens, and a desire to appreciate and honor the industry, intelligence, and sacrifices of those who provided our bounty. More importantly, it is the absolute obligation we have to protect and perfect this gift for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. FOREVER! EVERMORE! AD INFINITUM!

"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world (or maintains his Senate seat by kowtowing to Donald Trump) and forfeits his soul?" Matthew 16:26


The 28th Amendment to the Constitution is a good place to start.

Contact: Jim Hamm at... 1776 yourunclesam@gmail.com

Contact your Representative-- House.gov-- Senate.Gov ......Proposed 28 Ademendent


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