" "More Than Just Musing" #21

Make America Great Good Again

What does "again" mean in the Trumpian phrase MAGA? We are the world's economic and military power. We have proven our commitment to democratic principles in making Donald Trump our President. In most countries in the world a Donald Trump would not have been elevated without election fraud or a coup d'etat. With apologies to Muhammad Ali, we are the greatest.

However, we are no longer what Tocqueville called the "great experiment," but a bumbling democracy controlled by factions that place selfish interests ahead of the principles and the mechanics of the "great experiment." The problem is no longer the clashing of liberal and conservative ideas. Ideas can meld. Tribes don't. The problem is the selfishness, dishonesty, and immorality of tribalism. Curbing their power and control is imperative.

But, we are no longer the "liberator" and "mentor" leading the way. Think about the eleventh largest economy in the world, South Korea, being ruled by a ruthless dictator without an economy. Yes, Kim Jong Un, without Truman's intervention, could be sitting in a palace in Seoul starving his people. Think about the sacrifices in WWII and the commitment in rebuilding the world after WWII. Think about the tech revolution, where it started and what it has done for education, medicine, and the economies of the world.

Today, sadly, the world does not see us as the "shining city on hill." They see a sycophant to ruthless dictators, a snake oil salesman with a twitter account and a microphone, a shallow egotist who knows less about economics than he does about morality, and a sophomoric gasbag who is so incapable of evaluating character that eighteen of his appointments have been forced to resign in disgrace while others left disappointed but relieved.


Dictionary definition of "good"

fine, of high quality, of a high standard, quality, superior; satisfactory, acceptable, adequate, in order, up to the mark, up to standard, up to par, excellent, superb, outstanding, magnificent, of the highest quality, of the highest standard, exceptional, marvelous, wonderful, first-rate, first-class, superlative, splendid, admirable, worthy, sterling; virtuous, righteous, moral, morally correct, ethical, upright, upstanding, high-minded, right-minded, right-thinking, principled, exemplary, clean, law-abiding, lawful, irreproachable, blameless, guiltless, unimpeachable, just, honest, honorable, unbribable, incorruptible, anticorruption; scrupulous, reputable, decent, respectable, noble, lofty, elevated, worthy, trustworthy, meritorious, praiseworthy, commendable, admirable, laudable; pure, pure as the driven snow, whiter than white, sinless, saintly, saintlike, godly, angelic; informal/squeaky clean

The 28th Amendment to the Constitution is a good place to start.

Contact: Jim Hamm at... 1776 yourunclesam@gmail.com

Contact your Representative-- House.gov-- Senate.Gov ......Proposed 28 Ademendent


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